8 external DVD drives in comparison – find your best external DVD drive with burner – our test or guide 2021

Today’s notebooks should above all be light and compact and at the same time have many application possibilities. An integrated drive for DVDs and CDs is a problem because it takes up a lot of storage space and makes the notebooks heavier. Manufacturers like Apple are now doing away with optical drives altogether to make their notebooks as light yet efficient as possible. So external DVD drives are still in vogue. That’s why we took a close look at 8 external DVD drives from different manufacturers in our product comparison.

We explain the performance and features of each device and what you might need to consider in terms of compatibility and connections. In our guide, you will learn everything you need to know about external DVD drives in order to make a confident purchase decision. Among other things, we tell you which criteria you should pay particular attention to when buying an external DVD drive, where you can buy the devices and what costs you should expect. Our guide is rounded off with information on possible tests for external DVD drives from the consumer organisations Stiftung Warentest and Öko Test.

4 recommendable external DVD drives in a big comparison

Other interesting products around the computer

1. Salcar 872255 external DVD drive – multicompatible burner for movies and CDs

With the Salcar 872255 burner, you will find a modern USB 3.0 port to connect it to the power and transfer their data quickly. This is a straightforward plug-and-play connection. According to the manufacturer, the burner is compatible with all popular Windows operating systems and systems of Mac. The device scores especially with its low noise, its compact dimensions and its, according to the manufacturer, good workmanship with scratch-resistant material. The cable has a length of 29 centimeters. If this is too short for you, you can easily solve this problem with a USB extension cable.

  1. Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  2. Colour: Black or white
  3. Dimensions: 148 x 146 x 14 millimetres
  4. Weight: Approx. 250 grams
  5. Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  6. Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  7. Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


2. external DVD drive Pecosso USB 3.0 – high quality workmanship in modern design

Install your software with the Pecosso USB 3.0 and play movies and music or store your favorite videos and photos of friends and family. The external drive is compatible with Windows 2000/7/ 8/10 Linux and all versions of Mac OS, Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac, among others. In addition, the device can read CDs and DVDs in various formats. The manufacturer promises low power consumption and that the anti-shock technology used reduces noise.

The USB 3.0 port with Plug&Play function ensures fast data transfer, so you don’t need external drivers and no additional power supply. Like all USB 3.0 ports, this burner from Pecosso is also compatible with USB 2.0. According to the manufacturer, the material is protected against scratching and has a stylish visual finish and a matte striped clean design. The burner operates quietly and is also easy to transport due to its light weight and compact dimensions.

  • Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 322 grams including packaging
  • Reading speed DVD: 8 x
  • CD read speed: 24 x
  • CD write speed: 8 x
  • Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  • Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


3. benewy SY879 DVD drive with portable design

The Benewy SY879 DVD drive is an external USB 3.0 drive with data transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second with strong fault tolerance. According to the manufacturer, USB 3.0 also means that the CD and DVD drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. It’s what’s known as a plug-and-play drive, which should not require DVD driver programs or an additional power supply. The external drive can be used to watch movies, burn files, install software, or create backup CDs, according to Benewy.

  • CD-R and CD-RW
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD-R and DVD-RW

The DVD drive has a wave-like design that’s supposed to make it look more stylish, according to the manufacturer. The data cable is hidden in the USB DVD player tuner for laptop, according to Benewy. Thanks to the copper mesh technology used, stable data transfer is also said to be guaranteed. However, the DVD drive does not work with Chromebooks, smart TVs, cars and smartphones, according to the manufacturer. It also does not support Ubuntu systems.


4. compact external DVD drive F6V97AA#ABB from HP – compatible with USB 2.0

The HP F6V97AA#ABB is suitable for all Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems. With its 200 grams, the external DVD drive is particularly light and the dimensions are also very compact. You can connect the device from HP with all USB ports, except the technically latest version USB 3.0. The burner reads and writes CDs and DVDs of all kinds. With the help of the dual-layer recording function, a double burning speed is supposed to be guaranteed. As with all the burners in our comparison, a Blu-Ray function is not available. If you are looking for a device with Blu-Ray, then make sure that this function is explicitly stated by the manufacturer.

  • Product type: External DVD burner with USB interface
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0
  • Not suitable for USB 3.0
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Dimensions: 144 x 137.5 x 14 millimeters
  • Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  • Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


5 Moskee External DVD Drive – with SD Card Reader

Moskee’s external DVD drive has some advantages over other devices, for example, it is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, allowing transfer rates of up to 5 gigabits per second. A high error tolerance is said to make copying data from the drive to the computer more reliable, according to the manufacturer. The drive reads all CD and DVD formats. However, there is one major drawback compared to most of the other devices in our comparison: it can only write to CDs. It is therefore not a DVD burner.

An additional function is the integrated card reader. With it, SD cards can be read directly from the drive. Two additional USB ports allow the connection of USB sticks, so the DVD drive can be used as a USB hub. Separate drivers or a power connection are not necessary.

  1. Product type: USB 3.0 DVD drive external
  2. Color: Black
  3. Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0
  4. Weight: 340 grams
  5. Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 x 1.6 centimeters
  6. USB cable with connector type A and connector type C
  7. Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  8. Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  9. Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


6 BEVA External DVD Drive – thin, light and portable

The BEVA External DVD Drive is characterized by its compact size and light weight. It measures only 14.5 x 14.5 centimeters in length and width and is only 2.1 centimeters thin. This means that it is not much thicker than a standard CD case and fits in any laptop bag. A complicated installation is not necessary, because the device can be easily connected to any computer or laptop via USB 3.0.

The DVD drive impresses with high speeds up to a maximum of 5 gigabits per second when reading CDs or DVDs. The device burns DVDs as well as CDs. It is compatible with all versions of Windows XP and above as well as MacOS. It has strong error correction capability, anti-shock and noise reduction.
Some product features at a glance:

  • Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  • Color: Black
  • Connector types: USB A
  • Transfer speed: Up to 5 Gigabit per second
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Write speed: 24x CD, 8x DVD
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 x 2.1 centimeters
  • Supports all modern Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  • Not compatible with iPad/Tablet
  • Not compatible with TVs, car players, Chromebooks and Surface Pro


7 Cocopa external DVD drive – with two USB ports for memory sticks

Cocopa’s external DVD drive turns your notebook into an advanced storage station. Because in addition to the basic ability to read and write optical media such as CDs and DVDs, the device has two USB ports and an SD card reader. Thus, up to two storage media such as sticks or hard drives can be connected and additionally data can be read from an SD card. The DVD drive does not require an additional external power supply.

The Cocopa DVD drive can be connected via USB 3.0, which allows data transfer rates of up to 5 Gigabit per second. The device is compatible with all current Windows versions, Linux and macOS. A separate driver installation is not necessary, the device is reliably recognized by the operating system.

  1. Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  2. Color: Black
  3. Weight: 380 grams including packaging
  4. Reading speeds: 8x DVD and 24x CD
  5. Burn speeds: 8x DVD and 24x CD
  6. Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  7. Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  8. Not compatible with iPad/Tablet
  9. SD card reader and 2 USB ports


8. external Amicool DVD drive USB 3.0 – robust, scratch-resistant and fast

The Amicool USB 3.0 provides you with fast data transfer up to a speed of 5 gigabytes. In addition to USB 3.0, the USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 interfaces are also suitable here. Like all external DVD drives, this model also works very simply via Plug&Play. This means that no external drivers and no further power connection are necessary. In terms of connections, you also get a Type-C plug in addition to the Type-A plug.

The burner from Amicool scores with a wave-like design in black as well as a material that is protected from scratching, according to the manufacturer. The device is also compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. For Windows 10, however, the manufacturer recommends installing the VLC media player for playing DVDs and CDs. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can slip the burner into any travel bag.

  • Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 299 grams including packaging
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1.7 centimetres
  • CD write speed: 24 x
  • DVD writing speed: 8 x
  • Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  • Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


What is an external DVD burner?

Externes DVD-Laufwerk Test An external DVD burner is a reading and writing device for optical data media that is not built into the computer. In contrast to the simple CD burner, which is hardly available on the market today, a DVD burner can write both DVDs and CDs. The blank data carrier onto which you copy music or movies is called a blank disc. You simply connect the external DVD burner to a computer of your choice using a USB cable, which is usually included, and you have the flexibility to burn your DVDs and CDs on any laptop or PC.

Why is an external DVD burner useful?

Modern PCs and notebooks often no longer have a DVD drive in order to be flat and compact. In addition, many notebooks would have problems with the large amounts of data. The solution is an external burner that can be easily connected to the PC via USB. Even if you should have a notebook or a PC with a DVD drive and integrated burner, the purchase of an external burner makes sense for various reasons.

The new devices are usually much faster and can handle more formats. This means that you can be sure that your DVDs or CDs will actually be read or written. In addition, an external burner is very useful if you need to make backups, collect TV and holiday movies, are low on storage space, or have copy protection issues.

How does a DVD burner work?

Externes DVD-Laufwerk Vergleich You need a lot of storage space for backups, holiday movies, TV recordings and numerous other extensive data, which blank CDs cannot supply in this extensive form. Better and cheaper are blank DVDs, which store between 5 and 8 gigabytes. Special DVD blanks even offer storage space of up to 17 gigabytes.

A DVD does not work much differently than a CD. A bundled light beam or laser reads the changes of places that reflect the light well or badly in a spiral running from the inside to the outside. This is also why circular scratches running along the direction of reading are a bigger problem than scratches running perpendicular to the direction of reading. Blu-rays also function like CDs and DVDs. However, the discs are significantly more expensive.

What are the differences between DVD burners and Blu-Ray burners?

The biggest difference between these two devices is the price – both the devices themselves and the blank DVD discs. You can store a relatively large amount of data on a blank DVD. In relation to that, the price is very low. The DVD burners are also a lot cheaper than Blu-Ray devices. You can get a high-quality DVD burner for as little as 20 euros. For a DVD blank you pay about 1 euro, while Blu-Ray discs are much more expensive.

What types of DVD burners are there?

Fragezeichen DVD burners basically differ between internal and external devices. Each type of burner has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will present to you below. To help you understand these advantages and disadvantages, we will first go over how internal and external DVD burners work.

For internal burners, you don’t have to spend extra money because they are already built into the PC or laptop, so there are fewer material costs. As a result, you don’t need any extra floor space either. Usually, internal DVD burners also work a bit faster than external DVD burners and are hardly prone to jerkiness. However, the disadvantage of an internal DVD burner is that you are not as mobile with it. You also can’t use the internal burner flexibly on different computers. Another problem with internal burners is that fewer and fewer PCs and laptops have this function, as it takes up a lot of storage space and laptops in particular are becoming increasingly flat and compact.

  • Built into the PC or laptop
  • Requires no additional space
  • Robust and almost smooth
  • Works a bit faster than external burners
  • No longer installed in many PCs
  • Lack of mobility and flexibility
  • Make PCs and laptops heavier and larger

In terms of how it works, the external burner is the same as the internal one. However, you have to buy the external device separately, although the price is in the moderate range. However, depending on the model, external DVD drives are a bit prone to jerks or can fall and break. You’ll also need more desk space for an external burner, while the lack of one will make your laptop slimmer, for example. Another advantage of an external DVD burner is that you are particularly mobile and flexible with the device, because you can connect it to any PC and laptop. Often the models have several interfaces, which further increases flexibility.

  • Can be used flexibly on different PCs
  • Optimal for data exchange
  • Easy to connect without additional installation
  • Mostly compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Require more space
  • Usually a little slower
  • May drop or jerk

How much does an external DVD drive cost?

Prices for an external DVD burner start at around $20, depending on the quality, and go up to around $100 for certain brands and professional units. If you want to burn DVDs or CDs frequently, the price-performance ratio for an external burner can be described as very good.

Where can I buy external DVD drives?

You can buy external DVD drives from specialist retailers, department stores, electrical stores and sometimes supermarkets. Be sure to take advantage of advice to find the right DVD burner for you. Buying an external burner over the Internet also has advantages, as you have more choice there and can often get the devices a little cheaper. From home, you can compare prices and read customer reviews at your leisure.

Which manufacturers of external DVD drives are there?

The most well-known manufacturers of external DVD writers are certainly Sony, Samsung, HP and Dell. However, there are many other manufacturers from whom you can get very good quality. They include: Lenovo, Apple, Asus, Teac, LG, Medion, Firstcom, Salcar, Pecosso, FLYLAND, Moskee, Amicool or SAWAKE.

What criteria should you pay particular attention to when buying an external DVD burner?

Below, we go into more detail about the most important criteria you should look at when comparing external DVD burners. The essential factors include:

  • Interface/connector
  • Compatibility
  • Dimensions
  • Type of data carrier
  • Read and write speed

Externe DVD-Laufwerke Test You can connect most external DVD drives to your PC or laptop with a USB cable. For modern DVD writers, the USB 3.0 port has been the standard since November 2008. Older devices may still have a USB 2.0 interface. With USB 3.0, you have the advantage of ten times faster data transfer. However, this fast data transfer of USB 3.0 does not mean that copying will always be more error-free than with USB 2.0.

Keep in mind that while older DVD writers with USB 2.0 ports are often compatible with USB 3.0, some models may have problems transferring data, for example, if your computer still has an IDE port. Since there’s little price difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 external DVD burners, it’s worth considering getting the one with the most advanced port, especially since USB 3.0 devices are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and even USB 1.0.

With computers running the Windows operating system, there are usually no problems transferring data and you can use almost any external burner without restriction. If you have Mac and Linux operating systems, you should look closely at the manufacturer’s specifications. However, many external DVD burners are already compatible with Mac and Linux.

The dimensions of the external DVD burner may not be one of the most important criteria. However, if you plan to use the device frequently on the go or you’re short on space at home or in the office, it’s worth comparing the different devices by size and weight.

Before buying an external drive, read carefully the manufacturer’s specifications on the formats with which the particular device is compatible. Most external recorders are suitable for all common formats. Compatibility with DVD-RAM is somewhat less common. DVD-RAM is one of the three rewritable DVD formats, which is distinguished from the other DVD formats by its better rewritability and data security.

In terms of reading speed, external DVD drives hardly differ at all. Almost all recorders have a reading speed of 6 x for DVD-ROMs and a reading speed of also 6 x for DVD-R. This means that you can record a file with 60 minutes of data. This means that you can copy a file with 60 minutes of material onto a DVD in about 10 minutes. The prerequisite is that your computer can also keep up with the performance of the external burner. With an older, less powerful computer, it may take longer to write the DVD.

Which blank discs are suitable for burning?

Externe DVD-Laufwerke Vergleich You have a choice of recordable and rewritable DVD standards. As a rule, all DVD burners on the market are suitable for all common formats. The only exception is the very exclusive DVD-RAM, which is supported by only a few burners. Especially with DVD blanks you have to make sure that they are compatible with the speed of the external burner. You can see this by specifications like 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x. You should not buy blanks on which you do not find any such information.

Basically, there are the following formats for DVDs: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM. With the exception of DVD-ROM, these discs are all recordable. Below we explain exactly what these formats are.

DVD-R and DVD+R have a storage capacity of 4.7 gigabytes for single-sided burning and 9.4 gigabytes for double-sided burning and are suitable for private use. You can record a DVD-R or DVD+R once. The DVD+R is a new development of the DVD-R , because the latter has very high licensing costs and an unusable copy protection.

A DVD-RW or DVD+RW can be recorded on one side with 4.7 gigabytes. This rewritable version of the DVD will allow you to make about 1,000 transfers. However, playback might be difficult with older DVD drives.

The DVD-ROM is the oldest DVD format. It requires 4.7 gigabytes for single-sided writing, and 8.74 to 15.9 gigabytes for double-sided writing. The DVD-ROM is designed exclusively for playback and only for industrial recording. It is not intended for home writing.

While a DVD-ROM can only read data, you can also write or overwrite a DVD-RAM and this in principle an infinite number of times – provided that your external DVD drive supports this format, which is not often the case. The DVD-RAM is still considered exotic on the market and is therefore not yet supported by many DVD writers.

How has the DVD burner evolved?

Perhaps you remember the days when you could only play audio CDs or read CD-ROMs with CD players? What a breakthrough it was when you could later create your own CDs on your computer with CD burners. In 1993, the first affordable CD burners hit the market. Then in 1996, a new highlight: DVDs were introduced. This made CD burners much cheaper and the best seller of the year. DVD burners have been available for a few years now and are increasingly replacing CD burners because DVD burners can store larger amounts of data.

DVD burners are standard on new computers. They are also permanently installed in many notebooks, but much less frequently than in PCs. The reason for this is that notebooks are always expected to be thinner and more compact, and despite their light weight, they must have many functions. A DVD burner alone takes up a lot of data volume. That’s why the trend at the moment is towards external DVD burners, which you can easily connect to your PC and notebook. In recent years, DVD burners have been used more and more in consumer electronics such as video recorders, PVR or hi-fi systems. Since read and write speeds can hardly be increased today, the industry tends to focus on supporting as many formats as possible and improving the burning quality.

How do you burn a DVD or CD?

Das sollten Sie sich merken! Depending on the type of data you want to burn, there are a few things to consider. The following discs are available for you to burn: Video DVD/CD, Music DVD/CD, Data DVD/CD, or DVD/CD with ISO file.

As mentioned before, the disc you play music on must also be formatted for music. Only then can you listen to your music on a DVD player or CD player, such as in your car. If there are other types of files on the CD or DVD, it will not be recognized by the player. For photos and videos, most burning programs offer a “Photo & Video” option that allows you to format the disc accordingly. ISO files are a prerequisite for burning games, programs or operating systems. The burned files are automatically installed when you place them in a drive.

How do you burn a DVD or CD with Windows?

The Windows operating system burning process is the same for an external or internal drive: First, insert a blank CD or DVD into your drive. Then select the files you want to burn to the disc. Now click on the “Share” button in the menu at the top. A toolbar will open where you click on the “Burn to Disc” option. A dialog for the burning process will open. All you have to do now is start the burning process. Once the process is complete, a system message will appear.

How do you burn a DVD or CD with a Mac?

In general, Apple does not build optical drives into its devices, which is why MacBooks do not have a DVD drive. To burn using an external DVD drive, follow these steps: First, you need to open Disk Utility. To get there, click “Go To” in the Finder menu, then click “Utilities.” Then click the “Burn” icon, and then select the files you want to burn. Finally, click “Burn.” When the burning process is complete, a system message will appear.

What terms are commonly used in connection with external DVD drives?

To give you an even deeper technical insight into the topic of external DVD drives, we would like to explain some basic technical terms and abbreviations in our lexicon.

  1. ATIP: This abbreviation means “absolute time in pregroove” and gives information about the manufacturer of a blank disc. It tells you the usable capacity, the recommended laser power for writing and erasing as well as the minimum and maximum writing speed of the disc.
  2. Backup: This term simply refers to copying data to another medium for permanent and secure storage. A backup medium can be any medium. The term is not tied to specific groups of devices.
  3. Writable: This term is used for media that you can write to, but not erase or rewrite. These include CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R.
  4. Achtung: Das sollten Sie wissen!
    Coaster: These are burned blanks. Note that these do not belong in the hazardous waste or ash bin. When a blank is broken, it produces many small and very sharp shards. In addition, the dye substrate in discs should not be allowed to enter the environment as it is highly toxic.
  5. CD-DA: This term refers to an audio CD that you can play in any standard audio CD player.
  6. Firewire: This is an external computer connection with transfer rates of up to 100 megabytes per second. It is thus slightly faster than USB 2.0 and allows you to connect several devices in series, which is not possible with USB.
  7. Hybrid CD: This form of CD can be read by both Macintosh systems and PCs.
  8. Intelligent Speed Control: This is a feature that modern burners increasingly have. With this, the devices scan the condition of the DVD or CD before the burning process in order to adjust and optimize the burning speed and quality. The burner checks the disc balance, track numbers, disc type, laser power and vibration at high rotation speed.
  9. Overburning: This is when the CD standard is exceeded during burning. The limit is 74 minutes per 650 megabytes. Compatibility decreases proportionally to the amount of overburning.
  10. USB: This abbreviation is spelled out as “Universal Serial Bus”. It is the interface for connecting external devices to a computer. Originally designed for mouse and keyboard, USB is now used to connect external burners.


Externes DVD-Laufwerk kaufen Most external burners are plug-and-play. This means that you simply need to connect your device to the computer using the USB cable provided. The computer will then recognize the device by itself. If it doesn’t, you will first need to install the driver from an included CD or Internet download. It’s a good idea to restart your computer afterwards.

Can I also use an external DVD burner as a DVD player on a TV set?

The manufacturer must explicitly state that the external DVD burner supports media playback on the TV. This is not automatically the case with all external DVD drives.

How long does it take to burn a DVD at eight times the write speed?

An external DVD burner with an 8x write speed for DVDs takes 7.4 minutes to record the blank disc.

The RW designation on a DVD-RW means “rewritable”. This type of DVD can therefore be used more than once for burning.

This storage medium is characterized by a special longevity and robustness, which also defies extreme temperatures. The abbreviation M stands for “Millennial”. This is supposed to indicate that an M disc can function faultlessly for a thousand years. Tests by the US Navy have confirmed that the M-Disc is indeed more robust than other storage media.

Are there accessories for cleaning DVD recorders available for purchase?

There is a wide range of drive cleaners and DVD cleaning discs available in the market. The discs clean the DVD writer with small brushes.

Is there a technical term how I can tell that the DVD writer is particularly quiet?

The manufacturer sometimes indicates a special noise reduction with the addition “silent”. In some cases, however, there are also precise indications of the noise level, stating that the DVD burner is particularly quiet and has low vibration.

Yes, there are. As some tests on DVD burners have shown, you can connect drives like the Asus ZenDrive series directly to the smartphone. However, this feature is not that practical as you don’t have that many application options on the smartphone.

Yes, most external Blu-ray drives with burning function are backward compatible. That is, they burn DVDs and CDs.

Vorteile That depends on what ports your PC and other PCs have that you want to use. Firewire has only one advantage over USB: you can connect the burner directly to other devices without mediation by a PC. For example, you can send pictures from your digital camera directly to the burner. If you do not have the appropriate interface on your PC, you can purchase a controller card for a few euros and use it to upgrade your PC. A controller card is available as an expansion card for PC card slots and ExpressCard slots as well as a plug-in model for PCs and notebooks.

Yes, they do exist. However, they tend to be the exception. Their advantage is that they are compatible with notebooks, tablets and smartphones. However, you need to have a suitable app available that ensures access to all data. In principle, it is also possible that you can access the burner from outside via the Internet. The prerequisite is that you have switched on the burner and that the connection is enabled via the router. To connect the burner to a local network, you can use an Ethernet cable or WLAN. If your DVD burner itself does not have a WLAN connection, one must be integrated in the router, because otherwise smartphone and tablet will not connect properly with the burner.

Is there a test of external DVD drives by Stiftung Warentest?

The consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest put some DVD burners under the microscope in 2004, which you can view here. However, we do not currently have a new test on external DVD drives. As soon as Stiftung Warentest publishes a test, we will inform you. You are also welcome to search the consumer organisation’s website for tests of various types of devices and services yourself. Simply go to the organisation’s website.

Has Öko Test carried out a text of external DVD drives?

There is no current test of external DVD drives from the consumer magazine Öko Test either. Take a look at the website of Ö ko Test. You might find test results on other devices and services that interest you. Of course, we will report when Öko Test has found a test winner among external DVD drives.

  1. What is an external DVD burner?

  2. Why is an external DVD burner useful?

  3. How does a DVD burner work?

  4. What are the differences between DVD burner and Blu-Ray burner?

  5. What are the different types of DVD burners?

  6. How much does an external DVD drive cost?

  7. Where can I buy an external DVD drive?

  8. What are the manufacturers of external DVD drives?

  9. Which blanks are suitable for burning?

  10. How has the DVD burner evolved?

  11. How do you burn a DVD or CD?

  12. How do you burn a DVD or CD with Windows?

  13. How to burn a DVD or CD with Mac?
  14. How do I install an external burner?
  15. Can I use an external DVD burner as a DVD player on my TV?
  16. How long does it take to burn a DVD at eight times writing speed?
  17. What does the RW abbreviation on blank DVD discs mean?
  18. What is an M-Disc?
  19. Are there accessories for cleaning DVD recorders available for purchase?
  20. Is there a technical term I can use to tell that the DVD burner is particularly quiet?
  21. Are there DVD burners for smartphones?
  22. Can external Blu-Ray burners also read and burn DVDs?
  23. Which is better – USB or Firewire?

  24. Is there a test of external DVD drives from Stiftung Warentest?


We also compared the following 4 products

  1. Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  2. Colour: Black
  3. Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0
  4. Weight: 320 grams
  5. Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 x 1.7 centimeters
  6. Writing speed: CD: 24 x
  7. DVD write speed: 8 x
  8. USB cable with connector type A and connector type C
  9. Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  10. Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  11. Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


  1. Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  2. Color: Black
  3. Weight: 381 grams including packaging
  4. Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 1.0 centimeters
  5. Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  6. Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  7. Not compatible with iPad/Tablet


  • Product type: USB 3.0 DVD burner external
  • Color: Black
  • Connector types: USB A and USB C
  • Transfer speed: Up to 5 Gigabyte
  • Weight: 340 grams including packaging
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1.6 centimeters
  • Write speed: CD: 24 x
  • DVD write speed: 8 x
  • Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with all laptops and PCs
  • Not compatible with iPad/Tablet
  • Not compatible with TV, car player, Chromebooks, Surface Pro and Ubuntu


DVD drives list 2021: Find your best DVD drive

  • Salcar 872255 External DVD Drive

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